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German road assistance

The government signed an agreement with the German Kreditanstallt fuer Wiederafbau (Development Bank), earlier this week, for financial assistance of Euro10 million, to build three new roads in the northern communal areas. These roads are built using labour intensive methods.
Labour-based road construction projects have been supported in the framework of official bilateral German Namibian Financial Cooperation since 1995. Approximately 400 km of district roads have been built in the Oshana, Oshikoto, Omusati and Ohangwena Regions. This engagement is part of the official German Namibian Development Cooperation, to reduce poverty, create employment, reduce income inequality, and to improve the road network.
Labour-based road construction improves access to markets and social infrastructure in rural areas. The living conditions of the rural population will be improved by year-round access to education, health and administrative institutions. Rural district roads are constructed together with local small and medium-sized enterprises in a labour-intensive way and will provide additional income for local communities. The  roads are: Etomba – Omundaungilo (71 km); Uukwiyuushona – Omutele (47 km) and Epato – Onaushe (32 km).

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