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Book Launch “Lüderitz: A Journey Through Time”

Book Launch “Lüderitz: A Journey Through Time”

Lüderitzbucht, the quaint but vibrant commercial centre at the end of the desert, is no longer the neglected and abandoned cluster it was at Independence 27 years ago. A new book that celebrates its growth in stature and importance as a fishing and harbour town, was released last week.

The launch was done by one of the book’s authors and contributors, Hon Bernhard Esau, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

The chapters tell the story of the harbour town’s people, its chronology through the passage of time, its heritage and architecture, its fortunes and misfortunes, all set against the harsh blend of sand, rock, wind and sea, which are the epitome of Lüderitz.

“Lüderitz: A Journey Through Time” also focuses on the Lüderitz of tomorrow and the determination of its people to place this town on the must-go-to map as a place to live, study and do business, or simply to visit and experience its kaleidoscope of sites, hues, textures and sounds.

The book is balanced in its portrayal of history and its significance for Namibia of today. Contributions came from many people, presenting an informative, yet colourful narrative of what it means to be a Buchter. The book is a showcase of the importance of the fishing industry and the enormous role it has played to raise the Lüdertiz profile. The residents of the modern town exudes confidence, faith and an unwavering trust in the future.

The fishing industry pioneered much of its economic revival, and one fishing company in particular, NovaNam, reflects on its role as a meaningful contributor to the town, the creation of jobs, and the economic progress evidenced over time.

NovaNam Ltd is the book’s official sponsor, seeing this investment as part of its wider social responsibility to the community in which it operates.

Both the essence and broader significance of Lüderitz are articulated and supported by a stunning array of photos, narratives and information. This unique book will appeal to all audiences, both local and abroad, but most particularly to historians, educators and the younger generations whose mission it is and will be to inform and keep the memories for current and future generations.

The book will be made available for sale to the public.

Pictured doing the honours at the historic book launch at the Lüderitz Turnhalle, from the left, David Troncoso (CEO Global Fishing for Nueva Pescanova), Hon Ben Amathila, Jacobo Robatto (Nueva Pescanova Chairman), Hon Bernhard Esau (Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources), Her Worship Cllr Hilaria Mukapuli (Mayor of Lüderitz) Reverend Jan Scholtz, (Karas Regional Council Chairperson) and Edwin Kamatoto, (Managing Director NovaNam Limited).



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