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Bel Espirt Clinic enlightens the community on mental health issues

Bel Espirt Clinic enlightens the community on mental health issues

The Bel Espirt Mental Health Clinic in Olympia held mental health awareness open days last week, where schools and corporate companies were given more insight into the services that the clinic are set to offer when they open their at the end of this month.

Themes for the open day covered areas like,‘how to manage exam stress’ or ‘self-care’ during exams, not to divert to over the counter drugs, hubbly bubbly, how to detect any symptoms of depression or anxiety and to be mentally fit for the exams.

Charine Glen-Spyron, Chief Executive Officer of Bel Esprit said that local and international research has indicated that mental health services have become a necessity in Namibia.

Government has in the recent past expressed great concern about a number of issues affecting Namibians, especially the youth who struggle with teenage pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse and suicides,” she added.

Glen-Spyron encouraged the schools to take the opportunities that Bel Esprit offers and make use of them. According to her another open day for the public at large will be held on 22 September.

When the clinic does open it will offer in and out patient services by leading local practitioners including psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapist and social workers.

The clinic will also offer treatment for a board spectrum of mental health disorders, including adolescent disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar mood disorder, depression, disorder of old age, eating disorder, post-natal depression, post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and acute psychotic disorders.

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