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Read Namibia to promote the culture of reading

Read Namibia to promote the culture of reading

The Read Namibia coalition will host an event at UN Plaza in Katutura on Saturday, 16 September with the aim to encourage a reading culture in the country.

The public, learners and parents have been invited to come to the event which will include activities like storytelling, word games, quizzes and sessions where children get to make their own short books to take home.

The event will also feature sessions for parents on how to foster their children’s love of reading and Read Namibia will give away books as prizes for winners.

Kiki Gbeho, UN Resident Coordinator will start of the celebrations by reading a story to children and talking with them about the importance of reading and then the children and teens of all ages will be invited to join the exciting activities.

Meanwhile, the UN System in Namibia said that study after study shows that children who have strong reading skills also have other skills for success which are better attention and concentration skills, greater general knowledge and confidence in exploring and learning.

Therefore Read Namibia finds it important for children not only to learn to read, but to learn to LOVE to read and everyone has a role in fostering a reading culture in Namibia.

Read Namibia is a broad coalition of businesses, teachers, librarians, booksellers, cultural organizations and diplomats. They work with the Ministry of Education Arts and Culture to promote a culture of reading in Namibia. The UN system in Namibia is a proud partner to the coalition and is in strong support of fostering a reading culture in Namibia as it contributes to the sustainable Development Goals.


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