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Sanlam talks corporate governance

Maintaining a high level of corporate governance is important in any given company and it is the responsibility of any aspiring manager or leader to have a broad knowledge on this crucial subject. This is the message that the newly appointed Polytechnic SRC took home after they attended an information session on the subject of good governance presented by the Group CEO of Sanlam Namibia Holdings, Tertius Stears at the company’s head-office recently.
The session was structured on the basis of keeping the future leaders abreast on the trends and importance of good corporate governance, not only in the context of student leadership, but also gaining skills and knowledge in carrying out objectives and control over risk and management in companies.
The session focused on transparency in the wake of scandals as well as corruption and how corporate governance protects the interests of a company’s shareholders and public at large under the theme ‘The Challenge of Good Corporate Governance in the 21st Century’.
“It is the responsibility of the company’s directors to act in the best interest of the company, amongst others, disclosing conflicts where they exist, dealing in securities only as allowed by internal policies and by adhering to legal standards of conduct,” Stears said, demonstrating the live case of Sanlam Namibia Holdings board-structure.
The CEO also explained some of the principles of good governance such as openness, disclosure and transparency, accountability, integrity and ethical behavior, effectiveness, rule of law, and clarity of purpose.
“Good corporate governance will pave the way for Namibia’s corporate companies and industries to strengthen their financial standing as well as strengthen investor base and enable stakeholders to trust and have faith in local companies and industries,” he said.
During the session, students also had the opportunity to ask questions on the subject and had a few of the Sanlam EXCO members at their disposal for any questions relevant to the subject. It also provided a different and more practical learning approach from that of the everyday classroom environment.
The information session was designed with the sole purpose of raising the level of awareness on good corporate governing principles and the tools for combating financial corruption.

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