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Women across the country more prone to the different forms of cancer

Women across the country more prone to the different forms of cancer

The Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) said that woman are affected the most by cancer in Namibia and the association will dedicate the month of October as Pink Month in support of women fighting cancer.

CAN recently said fund raising for an event in October will ensure that their women’s health clinic can continue to screen for breast cancer and cervical cancer, while educating women on person health matters as well.

According to the association,they have established that the leading cancers among females are breast cancer with 27.3%, followed by cancer of the cervix with 19.4%, Kaposi sarcoma with 8.8%, eye with 4.0%, ovary with 3.0%, colon, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma with 2.8%, corpus uteri with 2.1% and lung/trachea/bronchus with 1.8%.

CAN added that breast cancer was the most common among local women between 2010 and 2014 were a total of 1 579 cases were reported comprising 27.4% of all female cancers. They also confirmed that it was the most common cancer in most ethnic groups with 44.7% (Whites), 38.3% (Coloureds), 35.7% (Namas), 31.4% (Basters), 29.5% (Damaras), 26.5% (Hereros), 24.5% (Ovambo), 21.5% (Kavangos), 17.6% (Tswana) and 11.8% (Caprivians).

In further statistics the association said in terms of regions, the Omaheke region is leading the pack with 39%, Hardap (37.2%), Erongo (35.8%), Otjozondjupa (34.4%), Kharas (32.6%), Khomas (30.2%), Omusati (25.7%), Oshana (24.9%), Kavango (22.1%), Oshikoto (24.4%), Kunene (21.4%), Ohangwena (21%) and Zambezi (12.7%).

It is through these statistics that the Association has urged the public to join them for a magical month of celebrating womanhood, breaking the silence of cancer and networking to build a bridge of hope.


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