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Underscoring local economic development

To cater for more exhibitors at this year’s Uis Expo at the Brandberg Rest Camp on 28 and 29 September an outdoor exhibition space has been added.
Uis Expo ‘12 is organised by SMEs Compete, a social entrepreneurship firm that supports wealth and job creation in the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector. Exhibitors will again have an opportunity to do business as well as network and form business linkages, with other entrepreneurs from around Namibia.
“The annual Uis Expo continues to grow since the first one took place three years ago in 2010” says Danny Meyer, director of SMEs Compete.
SMEs Compete routinely arranges expositions in smaller urban areas like Uis, to underscore local economic development (LED) strategies and to help local SMEs and small firms from other towns, access new markets and customers.
First National Bank (FNB) provides funding support for market access events like the Uis Expo.
Meyer says resources are limited. Resultantly to ensure maximum impact, in terms of securing new business and customers, entrepreneurs who benefit from sponsorship are carefully selected.
“They must demonstrate seriousness when it comes to conducting business and have the ability and productive capacity to venture and do business beyond the confines of the town in which they operate.
In this way we ensure that the funding generosity of FNB and other private sector firms is not misplaced and that the longer term objective of wealth and job creation, is met,” adds. Meyer.

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