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Best performing O&L employees awarded for their contributions to the group’s values and business

Best performing O&L employees awarded for their contributions to the group’s values and business

Nine employees of the various subsidiaries and business units in the Ohlthaver & List Group will enjoy a special week-long holiday in just over a month when they celebrate their contribution to the group’s overall values and business ethics.

Riaan Steenkamp of Pick n Pay, Francois de Wit of Hangana Seafood, Vekondja Uamburu of Namibia Breweries Ltd, Morné Reinhardt of Namibia Dairies, Herman Katjinaani of Broll Namibia, Dina Petrus of the O&L Centre, Warren de Jager of Dimension Data, Landine Ikorua of Kraatz Marine and Bernard Sibuku of O&L Leisure depart late in September for their special holiday treat in Gaberone and at the group’s newly-opened Chobe Water Villas in Zambezi. They all have been named top Value Stars in their respective companies and business units.

The Value Stars were awarded at a recent ceremony where the O&L Group recognised the contributions of its employees for the period July 2016 to June 2017. The group has made these awards for the past thirteen years.

Group Chairman, Sven Thieme said they are driven by values. “The O&L Values are the backbone, driving force and a huge contributor to the culture of honesty, integrity and transparency within the group.”

“It is very important for us to be aware of the changes driven by technological advances and to adapt to them to survive in an ever-changing world, while at the same time keeping our employees happy, healthy, fulfilled and educated. I am confident in saying that O&L has thus far been doing a fairly good job of keeping up with trends and listening and learning from employees. The exciting aspect about all the above is that our employees and indeed our Value Stars are part and parcel of driving and experiencing these dramatic changes” Thieme remarked.

“Customer service; the right product at the right time; consistent delivery; open, honest and transparent business dealings; adapting to changing times, and happy, dedicated and engaged employees are the factors that contribute to the success of a company. We know that the relationship between employer and employee has changed dramatically over the years, from a slave mentality 100 years ago to today where employees are actively involved in the running of companies. Employees are encouraged to give their insight and input while being recognized and rewarded for taking that extra step on a consistent basis” he stated.



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