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DTA against proposed single communications gateway

DTA against proposed single communications gateway

The DTA of Namibia withstands the proposal made by Exclusive Gateway Networks Ltd to control and monitor incoming and outgoing international telecommunications of Namibia through a single international gateway.

Sighting communication freedom, the official opposition party said the proposed move to a single international communications gateway could not only potentially result in an increase in international communications related costs for the end consumer, but would also serve against the purpose of Article 21 of the Namibian Constitution, which enshrines and guarantees fundamental freedoms such as the rights to freedom of speech, expression and thought.

Namibia proudly remains a shining beacon of the protection of press freedom and civil liberties associated with citizens’ rights to communicate and air their views and opinions openly and freely on any subject they may chose,” the party’s Secretary-General, Manuel Ngaringombe said.

Ngaringombe added that the growth of Namibia’s society will be determined by the ability and ease, like lower costs, with which Namibians from all walks of life irrespective of political, cultural, religious and other believes are able to part-take in and shape the national dialogue on critical issues affecting the nation. He added that any proposed initiative which could serve as a deterrent to this must thus be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

DTA urged the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia to immediately put to and end the proposed move to a singular international communication gateway.

So too, having all international communications pass through a singular international gateway that is controlled by a (partially) foreign-owned company, potentially opens up private citizens using this network to having their private communications monitored. This too could potentially represent a violation of the important rights to privacy, freedom of thought and freedom of expression,” he said.

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