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Massmart opens new store

South African retail giant Massmart has announced the opening of  a new groceries store under the name Game Foodco.
The new groceries shop, selling dry groceries only, will be opened in Windhoek in October. Company spokesperson, Roxanne Rolando says the full Foodco concept, including dry groceries and fresh food, will be implemented during April 2013.
Massmart, which operates wholesale cash and carry stores and Game retail stores in the country, say products sourced from companies based in Namibia account for about 20% of consumer purchases from Game stores in Namibia.
The cash and carry stores are supplied by major Namibian manufacturers such as Namibia Beverages, Namibia Dairies, Namibia Breweries, Namib Mills, Bokomo Namibia, Elso, Fabufarm and Namibia Poultry
Rolando says her company is committed to identifying opportunities to support local businesses. “As we venture into new categories, fresh produce and butchery for instance, we will add local suppliers to our supplier listing,” she said.

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