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From cleaner to travel and tours owner

From cleaner to travel and tours owner

Sheer determination to penetrate in the entrepreneurial realm has seen Selma Jonas progress from a cleaner to become the owner of her business own business, Namibia Express Travel Tours and Information Centre.

Seven years ago Jonas was nothing but a cleaner who later upgraded and worked as a waitress in Windhoek, but now she own s her own business that runs as a booking agent offering flight bookings, free travel information to local and international tourist.

In addition she sells regional and international holiday packages, car rentals, tours and a variety of tourism related offerings.

Jonas faced many challenges when she opened her own business because at the time she lacked financial disciple and proper business planning skills. “Obtaining finances is one of the major challenges SMEs face and with my own experience is that we tend to suffer in silence because we are scared to fail therefore we do not want to approach the banks and we also do not have our documents in orders,” she explained.

Meanwhile, she advised entrepreneurs to stand up and approach financial institutions for support. “It is only through good financial discipline and ethics that a business can succeed,” she added.

Since she has been a Bank Windhoek customer for the past 23 years, she faced her fears and approached the ESME branch for help.

“Since then my business has grown tremendously and because of this I am psychologically and financially mature due to the advice I have received from the,” she added.

The ESME branch caters specifically to Namibian entrepreneurs that can contribute positively to the country’s economy. “I am sincerely grateful to the ESME branch because they gave me a chance to grow my business,” she concluded.

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