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Even one modest eraser helps children get through their schooling

Even one modest eraser helps children get through their schooling

Andrea Calitz (left) who handles Bidvest’s corporate public relations joined the learners of Bet El Primary School during an early morning assembly on Monday to convey her group’s best wishes and a stationary donation from one of its subsidiaries, Waltons.

She was received by the Vice Principal, Mr Tjituka (right) and about 800 learners. She brought each learner an eraser as a personal gift and another 500 stationery packs for use at the discretion and need of the teachers.

“The current financial crunch has compelled everyone to tighten their belts and forego some of the things we have taken for granted in the past,” said Calitz pointing out that many school in poor communities do not even have the very basic materials for their learners.

Bidvest Namibia is committed to create opportunities, growing people and unlock their potential she said after the assembly. “Education is one of the most vital tools to build a brighter future for every child. We believe that we have a responsibility to come alongside the Department of Education to do our bit to ensure that no learner goes without the basic tools he or she needs to learn.”

Addressing the Monday morning assembly of 800 youngsters gathered in the winter sun, Mr Tjituka, Vice Principal of Bet El Primary, thanked Bidvest, saying that the donation puts vital stationery in the hands of learners that they would otherwise not have had access to.



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