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Show me the money!

PSG Konsult, the independent financial services and financial product provider, have announced they are increasing their presence in Namibia. Windhoek-based financial services firm, Investment House Namibia (IHN), will henceforth be doing business as PSG Konsult Namibia.
PSG Konsult Namibia chairman, Brian van Rensburg said in so doing, the company will automatically be associated with an established, well-known brand, which has a proven track record of service delivery and a comprehensive range of financial services.
The announcement was made at a function on Wednesday evening.
The keynote speaker of the night was Jannie Mouton, Chairman of the PSG Group, South Africa and author of the biographical rags to riches book “en toe fire hulle my.” (And then they fired me) Mr Mouton on stage is an unassuming man with the presence of a Forbes favourite and the casualness of a close friend who, apart from giving us some background on the man who built a billion-dollar company from scratch after being fired at 48, gave those present a few practical tips on how to grow their wealth.
Mouton’s Short and Sweet Investment Tips:
Stick to big brands: People assume it’s necessary to scrutinise the trends to find the elusive Golden Stock. The reality, though, is that well-established companies get to where they are by being good at what they do, and those are the companies you should be looking into.
Do it early: One of the biggest problems with investing is that people don’t start doing it early enough. “I have plenty of time” is the victory cry of the naïve. Ten years from now they’ll be lamenting over how much time they’ve wasted.
Do it often: Don’t just throw a couple bucks in and expect it to grow. Your wealth is your baby; and baby is hungry! Invest monthly to ensure maximum portfolio growth.
Educate yourself: Save luck for the casino; the only way to better your finances is through education. You can either pay someone for their education – stockbroker – or you can educate yourself by reading books related to investing, such as those written by investing guru Warren Buffett.
Invest long-term: There’s a difference between having money and having wealth. Money will see you till the end of the month, but wealth will carry you the rest of your life. Make sure you’re investing for the future. And no, tomorrow doesn’t count.
And lastly: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
Mouton said “We are in a time of global financial crisis – people are losing their homes, companies are shutting their doors, Timmy “needs” the new iPhone 5”, adding “There’s a lot to be said about involving a company that specialises in managing your finances in the best possible way, encompassing people with years of experience in different financial areas. A company like that – a company like PSG Konsult – offers the kinds of resources and expertise no single person could ever hope to achieve on their own.”
“PSG Konsult is very clear: “They want to be my financial friend, my coin purse confidant; they promise to help me generate and preserve personal wealth. I think that with things being the way they are right now, we could all do with a friend like that.”

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