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Two more families with their own homes thanks to beer brand promo

Two more families with their own homes thanks to beer brand promo

Helena David and Johannes Matias learned this week they are the winners in the King Lager promotion run by Namibia Breweries Ltd from December last year to the end of March this year.

David won N$500,000 to buy a house and Matias is the proud recipient of N$150,000 which he can use to buy building materials of his choice.

Elize van Kradenburg, the Breweries’ Senior Brand Manager for King Lager said“It is impossible for so many Namibians to afford a house of their own, because of the exorbitant house prices so when we decided on the prizes we did so in the hope that someone who really needs it, wins. We were immediately drawn to this opportunity to make things easier for at least two Namibians to have a house of their own.”

Running over with joy, an exuberant David said she has been struggling for twenty years to try and built her own house. Even after contributing N$50 per month for twenty years as a member of the Twangana shack dwellers group, she only qualified for a loan of N$180,000.

“I am now able to build my own house, which changes my and my family’s life completely” she said. She lives in a shack at the Greenwell Matongo resettlement area in Windhoek with her husband and one of three children.

Matias who works and lives in Swakopmund said he will use his prize to built a house in Ondangwa. “I can not wait to finally start building the house I have been dreaming of for so many years” he said, adding how grateful he is to Namibia Breweries Ltd for this wonderful break he received.

“This competition, and the fact that I was lucky enough to be a winner, changed my life. I am truly grateful” he said.

“Helena and Johannes are truly deserving of this since they have been working extremely hard for many years to the dream of housing them and their families. It makes my heart jump for joy that two well-deserved individuals and families who really need it, won these amazing prizes” quipped van Kradenburg.



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