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Out with the old, in with a new Sage X3 comprehensive business solution

Out with the old, in with a new Sage X3 comprehensive business solution

When Arnold Klein assumed leadership in November 2015 of agricultural supplier, Agra, little did he realise how quickly the concern will outgrow its outdated financial management systems. During the course of 2016, it became a priority for the new Managing Director to migrate Agra’s extensive business systems into a single, integrated, streamlined platform.

Last week Friday, Agra announced it is about to make the big move. On Monday 31 July 2017, Agra’s new business and financial management solution based on a Sage X3 engine, went live. Agra described the major switch-over as a significant milestone.

Informing its clients, mostly farmers, of the pending D-day, Agra sent out a circular via the Agricultural Union of Namibia.

The former co-op’s operations have expanded to such an extent over the past few years, that despite last year’s drought, it became obvious to the new Agra leadership they needed a faster, more flexible and simplified system to streamline their business processes, ensure data accuracy, integrate business functions and improve both operational and accounting efficiency.

Agra told the agricultural union they are confident that the Sage X3 system will enable them to drive efficiency across all their financial and operational processes providing their customers, nationwide with better service and cost effective product solutions; supporting their vision of creating a better life, for all Namibians.

As of Monday, Agra said their clients will notice the difference in the appearance and format of the new invoices. They advised that any glitsches will be sorted out within the first few days, asking their long-standing customers for a little patience when point of sale operations may seem slow.



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