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National Broadcaster dismisses rumours of mismanagement

National Broadcaster dismisses rumours of mismanagement

The Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) recently responded to allegations and accusations of maladministration and misuse of public funds as incorrect and borderline defamatory.

Advocate John Walters, Ombudsman received a letter from Nico Smit, DTA Member of Parliament calling for a full-scale investigation into the management of the national broadcaster.

Stanley Similo, Director General of NBC has invited Smit and Advocate Walters to go scrutinize their book and finances.

In fact we welcome such an inspection as we are confident that after examining our books and actions, the Ombudsman will attest to the fact that nbc management and Board did all they could to keep the national broadcaster operational despite server budget cuts,” he added.

Sven Thieme, Board Chairman of NBC reiterated that they are a public entity and because of this it is an established fact that the corporation’s finances can be inspected and dissected at any given point in time.

We look forward to such a scrutiny as it will confirm that we have moved heaven and earth to ensure that nbc staff keep their jobs in spite of a massive reduction in government subsidy,” he said.

The NBC’s operational and capital expenditure budget was decreased by more than N$200 million over the last two years. Whereas the corporation had significantly intensified its efforts to reduce costs and generate own income, these measures had been insufficient to offset the steep drop in State funding.

This resulted in the broadcaster not being able to honour some of its financial obligations, therefore to avert a crisis they approached their main shareholder for relief.

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