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Determined downhill biker

A proven and dedicated athlete in the cycling world, Armand Meding is fast making his style of riding a force to be reckoned with.
He began cycling in 2002 while in high school, first as a road cyclist and later taking on tougher forms of cycling. “I started with cross country mountain biking which is really fun but I craved more excitement so I switched over to free-ride and downhill mountain biking,” Meding said.
According to the young cyclist, cycling is a demanding sport that requires time and determination.
Before studying Meding would ride at least five times a week. This would include practicing different skills like jumping, drops, technical sections and building fitness. He is motivated not by the recognition and awards rather by the enjoyment of the sport, saying “I take it seriously as a hobby and lifestyle and that is what drives me.”
Referring to his notable results, Meding scooped second placed overall in the Elite men category in Downhill Mountain biking a few years ago, however Meding said his greatest achievements are the skills he has acquired and the friendships he has fostered.
He is a member of the Rock n Rut Mountain Bike Club, a popular choice among mountain cyclists as they can meet other cyclists and be kept up to date on races and other activities within the biking scene. Although for the past couple of years Meding has been riding for fun with his friends on trails they constructed themselves, competitive cycling has taken a backseat to work and studying. He said that he would like to train more and take part in the 2013 Cross Country Mountain Biking season.
Meding said that mountain cycling has its own challenges that demand discipline, strength and certain areas to ride. “There are not a lot of places so a lot of us build jumps, short downhill courses or obstacles to ride on. But it is part of the fun,” he said.
Despite the difficulties Meding hopes for a positive growth of the sport and for a greater variety in people’s abilities and skills to be displayed in this tough sport.

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