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Augmented and virtual reality TV travel show premiers under starry Namibian sky

Augmented and virtual reality TV travel show premiers under starry Namibian sky

Augmented and virtual reality TV travel show premiers under starry Namibian sky.

As a company with one of the biggest market value in Asia, Tencent announced the launch of the first QQ-ProjectX in Namibia, a virtual reality enabled travel show with actual participants on-sight sharing the experience on the internet.

Namibia was selected as one of two countries for the 2017 edition of the QQ Project X by Tencent Company, a Chinese company that produces social media applications such as QQ and WECHAT that is similar to the Whatsapp. The Project will essentially involve 15 Chinese youth volunteers travelling to Namibia and filming the astronomical sightings and broadcasting them.

The exploration delegation will head for the observatory at Rooisand Ranch for the first live exploration of the starry Namibian sky aptly themed, the Star Chasing Tour guide, chosen contestants will be given astronomical introductions with astronomical telescope and a team challenge for the entertainment of the online audience.

“Our exploration delegation will broadcast the activities on internet to all net-citizens and NOW Live users, bringing the truest beauty and wonder of Namibia to people who cannot visit Namibia in person.”, a Tencent spokesperson said at the Windhoek event launch.

“In hope of helping a younger generation to better explore the world, Tencent’s Namibian launch next week at the first Starry SkyConcert in Quivertree Forest and Giant’s Playground will follow other global travel hot spots. The Namibian tour focuses on astronomical facilities, making scientific records on designated stars and exploring their stories.

Locations such as Kamanjab will be visiting indigenous tribes people. Nicknamed the Red Mud Tribe, their cultural background will be introduced, as well as the connections between this ancient African tribe and the mysterious astronomy.

Being a science and exploration project, the Tencent QQ-Project X puts combines real-action Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality instead of an ordinary branding activity. A Tencent spokesperson said that China is developing rapidly and it’s playing a major role in the world as Chinese youth are becoming a significant force, engaging in beneficial endeavours in different aspects for the common good with the help of the close connection afforded by the Internet. “We hope that our young generation will go out into this world and do something meaningful to nurture the spirit of exploration instead of indulging in their cellphones and internet in solitude.”

QQ-Project X organized 4 different exploration programmes to explore. One of the first other stop for QQ-Project X is called The Species Exploration Programme, which took place at Galapagos, Ecuador. Upon the completion of The Species Exploration Programme, Tencent is now starting the second stop, which is The Star Chasing Adventure Programme in Namibia.

In the future, other events will include the South Pacific for The Ocean Exploration Programme and the Antarctica for The Polar Region Exploration Programme.

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