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Information law under spotlight

the Head of the Media Law Policy and Advocacy program at the Regional Secretariat of the Media Institution of Southern Africa (MISA), Karen Mohan recently said there should be transparency of information if Namibia is to fight corruption.
Mohan shared her findings in a document titled ‘ Sunlight is the best disinfectant: Why Namibia Needs access to information” which was launched by the Institute for Public Policy Research  recently.
Access to information has been on the Namibian policy agenda for over a decade, but despite renewed commitment to the enactment of legislation, an Access to Information law is still not in place. Mohan said this not only undermines government’s efforts to combat corruption, but also affects everyday operations of the country.
“Corruption tends to flourish in situations where there is little chance of discovery; it is this undeniable fact that makes access to information legislation the most important safeguard in the fight against corruption.” said Mohan

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