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LGBTI community to hold week long advocacy campaign

LGBTI community to hold week long advocacy campaign

The rich tapestry of Namibia’s LGBTI communities will be celebrated through a week long advocacy campaign, under the theme #WeAreOne, where Out-Right Namibia (ORN) will be collaborating with LifeLine/ChildLine and Positive Vibes Trust.

The campaign will start with a media engagement breakfast on 25 July at the Avenue and from the 25 to 27 July LifeLine/ChildLine will be hosting a workshop for LGBTI youth entitled “this is Me”.

The workshop will focus on personal growth and participants will be engaged in a journey of self discovery and will be equipped with strategies focused on self care.

On 27 July a panel discussion will be held redressing, “The Impact of the Homophobic and Transphobic Rhetoric on the LGBTI Community in Namibia” which will be led ORN, with Robin Tyson as the facilitator at the ORN offices.

On the 28 July a bond fire will be held where community member will come together to share some of their personal stories which will be an opportunity for community member to make poster and prepare the float for the parade. ORN will have a lot of activities during this week and to get more information you can contact Zellmari Brand at [email protected].

During this week long advocacy campaign ORN will also have their Annual General Meeting as well as the National Executive Committee Meeting and Quarterly Board Meeting and all this activities will take place at the ORN offices.

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