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City reveals new Transformation plan

City reveals new Transformation plan

The City of Windhoek last week launched its Transformational Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2022.

The Mayor of the City of Windhoek, Muesee Kazapua, said at the event that Windhoek plays a unique role in the social and economic success of Namibia, both as a capital city, seat of government and centre of international networks.

“The strategic planning process that has led to the plan was one of consultation and collaboration with the Khomas Regional Council and our community at large,” he said.

The process, Kazapua said commenced in September 2016 following the end and subsequent review of the progress made with the Integrated Business Plan of 2011-2016.

Kazapua said the council set the five year Transformational Plan reflecting the needs and community expectation while the strategic direction sets out how the Council will seek to meet them over the next five years.

“We spent many hours working together to define our strategic areas of focus identifying where we are going and what we want to accomplish during the next five years, and beyond.” This unique role, Kazapua said also places a huge responsibility and expectation on the City of Windhoek, advertently contributing to nation building and setting trends for other local authorities across the country.

For the past year, Kazapua said that they have therefore been in a process of creating a robust and accountable governance structure, mitigating a structural deficit and making do with less and therefore the role to ensure organizations meets the expectations of communities, by providing services and programs for their diverse socio-economic needs.

The City of Windhoek too is embracing its role in contributing equally to the national developmental plan such as Vision 2030 and National Development Plan (NDP) 5. “The Transformational Strategic Plan: 2017 – 2022 therefore further serves to compliment Namibia’s dream to prosperity; as set out in the ideals of the Harambee Prosperity Plan.,” Kazapua said.

The Strategic Plan is also unique as it is coupled with the City of Windhoek budget cycle, allowing us to bring forward the strategic initiatives in alignment with the resources needed to implement them in an affordable and responsible way.

“We are particularly, excited about the next chapter in the City’s transformational trajectory; as we embrace a smart cities’ concept and redirect our efforts towards rendering efficient and effective services,” Kazapua said.

The next five years will see significant strides made in turning around the City’s financial standing, through several initiatives and strategies as captured under the theme of Financial Sustainability.

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