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Make mentorship a key performance indicator – First Lady

Make mentorship a key performance indicator – First Lady

“It’s easier to become successful than to stay successful. You have to keep moving up. The challenging part of success is maintaining it and one should consciously make a decision to manage it. Mentorship is a two-way engagement and you need it the most when you are at your most powerful. Always have a thick skin, be resilient and look above your problems. As entrepreneurs we need to find innovative ways to solve structural problems in order to build a skills based economy.”

This powerful wisdom was expressed by First Lady Madame Monica Geingos as keynote speaker at a mentorship conference last week organised by Standard Bank in partnership with Ndalo Media.

Companies, both private and public, must incorporate mentorship into their business models. “You need to institutionalise mentorship. It must be made a Key Performance Indicator and I like Standard Bank’s approach of institutionalising mentorship where the Chief Executive Officer is the mentor” said Madame Geingos.

The bank’s Chief Executive, Vetumbuavi Mungunda guides a recognition programme, Beyond Excellence, to award employees who live the institution’s values and have excelled beyond their call of duty.

Local entrepreneur, Lazarus Jacobs of Paragon Investments told the conference delegates “I always advise entrepreneurs don’t be afraid to fail, be a risk taker. Keep your hunger for success. If you get a lucky break utilise it by converting it into something tangible. Start a business with a legacy, a business that can outlive you. Look at problems in your community and use enterprise to solve these problems. If you live in Oshakati don’t try and solve problems in Windhoek, try and find the challenges you can address there.”

Khanyi Dhlomo of Ndalo Media advised the audience to read the right books and find the right resources, or to improve their business skills through management courses. “Always build a depth of skills and expertise. Look at how can I give back with my business to make a difference in society for others. We all have a spark of greatness within us, all that remains is to unleash it. Building meaningful relationships and partnerships is key to a successful business. In order to grow your business, you need to invest in it in order to get high returns. Mentorship doesn’t always come in a pre-packaged way that one expects” she said.

Pictured, from the left, Standard Bank’s Board Deputy Chairman Jerry Muadinohamba, Catherine Shipushu of Azania Communications, Destiny Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Sheena Adams, First Lady Madame Monica Geingos, CEO of Ndalo Media Khanyi Dhlomo, Co-founder of Paragon Investment Holdings Lazarus Jacobs and Standard Bank’s Acting Head of Marketing Sigrid Tjijorokisa.



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