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Shimmy for Shelter – World Belly Dance Day

Shimmy for Shelter – World Belly Dance Day

Shimmy for Shelter, the fundraising initiative by Sascha Olivier-Sampson is the local contribution to the international event, ‘World Belly Dance Day’.

The show sees dancers around the world hosting events in aid of charity.

This year the show was comprised of dancers from Windhoek, Swakopmund, Cape Town, Zambia and America with Moon Goddess Dance Studio once again at the healm of hosting the event.

An amount of N$44100 was handed over to Theunis Hansen of the Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP) who advised the public to make use of their poaching hotline 555 55 to report any suspicious behaviour.

Celebrating its 8th year Shimmy for Shelter 2017 saw the biggest amount raised to date. Since the first show Shimmy for Shelter has been dedicated to raising funds for animal welfare and in 2017 the show which centred around the theme Myths and Legends, was dedicated to raising funds for ISAP.

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