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Goodness Gang of 8 promotes healthy eating

Goodness Gang of 8 promotes healthy eating

Fruit and Veg City Food Lover’s Market Maerua Mall this week introduced the Goodness Gang, a variety of 8 collectible plush toys earned with stickers for every N$50 spent in-store.

The campaign which started in June encourages a lifestyle of healthy eating particularly for the young at heart.

Managing Director of Food Lover’s Market in Namibia, Louis Peens, said that Fruit and Veg Food Lovers Market Maerua Mall unlike many other grocery retailers stocks more fresh, perishable items at a rate of 70% and with the introduction of a local supply chain not only for its fruits and vegetable but also the butchery section which alltogether the store has managed to out-compete some

the larger retail stores in Maerua Mall itself.

Bongi Blueberry and Benny Banana are particularly popular among the parents,” Peens


Depending on the adoption of the campaign, he said that the Goodness Gang of 8 characters is

driven to educate and promote healthy eating, among kids aged 2-9, in a fun and interactive way and could depending on measured success become a permanent feature among the fresher shelf items in-store.

The Goodness Gang campaign is still on-going with a second campaign phase expected in November.

On average, judging from the success of the campaign in other markets, namely Europe and South Africa, it was found that customers typically collect 2 to 3 toys.

Stickers will be issued until 12 November and completed collector cards with enough stickers can then be redeemed for a further 2 weeks until 26 November.

This range of high quality plush toys has motivated parents all over the world to encourage their children in a fun way to eat healthy food,” he added.

By spending N$50 to get 1 sticker and after 70 stickers you are eligible to receive a free Goodness Gang character of your choice or buy the Goodness Gang character at the full retail price of N$199,99. Ann if you ca not wait, you will be eligible to buy a character after collecting 30 stickers for only N$59.99.

According to Peens the Goodness Gang website houses healthy eating tips, recipes and more. If one logs on they will be able to meet all 8 characters and join the movement with the hashtags on this #GoodFoodJourney with – Olly Orange – Adam Apple – Manny Mushroom – Bongi Blueberry – Benny Banana – Sally Strawberry – Pumi Pea – Betty Broccoli.

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