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Local chicken safe despite bird flu outbreak

Local chicken safe despite bird flu outbreak

Namib Poultry Industries spokeswoman Ashante Manetti said this week that despite an outbreak of the avian influenza virus, which was isolated in chickens in Mpumalanga, South Africa, local Namib Poultry products are safe to consume.

The avian influenza outbreak in South Africa is not known to have any negative effect on people. The particular strain of the virus, H5N8 poses no threat to humans and is not the same deadly strain as was isolated in Asian countries in the past,” Ashante said, adding that so far no cases have been reported by the Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry.

The local brand aims to continuously deliver the freshest chicken which is manufactured and produced locally at Namib Poultry’s Okahandja facility.

The H5N8 virus is lethal to chickens and has a 100% mortality rate. For the safeguarding of the industry in Namibia it is urgent that all role players in the industry and the general public work together to prevent the disease from entering Namibia.

Fast reactions, Manetti said can help to isolate outbreaks as quickly as possible. “We can only succeed if a collective effort is made by everyone in all the regions,” Namib Poultry is urging all producers of chicken and other poultry to make sure that strict biosecurity measures on all production units with immediate effect.

The disease is most likely spread via wild birds, Manneti said, “we urge you to prevent any contact with any wild avian species and keep chickens indoors. Open water sources are a serious risk as they attack and are contaminated by wild migratory birds that are the carriers of the disease.”

It is essential however that any sudden rise in mortalities of any avian species should be reported to the relevant authorities. The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry is encouraging the public and producers to report sightings of abnormal mortalities or dead birds or promptly contact Mr Louis Kleynhans from Namib Poultry Industries at 081 143 2324.

As the single largest producer of chicken products such as Real Good and Nam Chicken customers can rest assure that Namib Poultry chicken is 100% safe for consumption; chemically free, organically.

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