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A pint of milk is always healthy for any community

A pint of milk is always healthy for any community

Namibia Dairies re-affirmed its commitment to the Moses Garoëb and Monte Christo Project Schools in Havana with the handover of one month’s supply of milk to the schools and its learners in celebration of World Milk Month commemorated in June.

Approximately 2240 learners (1800 at Moses Garoëb and 440 at Monte Christo) will benefit from this donation which includes 600 litres of milk.

Despite the current economic challenges which has a great impact on the entire business sector, including Namibia Dairies, and of course our general desire for even stronger support from our fellow Namibians, it is important for us to remain committed to uplifting the lives of our communities. The Moses Garoëb and Monte Christo Project Schools were adopted by the O&L Group since inception, and have received tremendous support from the entire group, including Namibia Dairies,” Managing Director of Namibia Dairies, Gunther Ling

Ling also made use of the opportunity to educate the grade 1 learners that attended the hand-over ceremony on the importance of milk and where it comes from. While he engaged the learners during this educational session, the message of the important minerals and nutritional components within milk was strongly highlighted. He was supported and joined by the Namibia Dairies’ leadership team who assisted in sharing a glass of milk with the children present.

Inspector at the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Paulus Lewin represented the ministry and applauded the O&L Group on its commitment to education and the future generation of the country.

We do not attach enough value to the relationship with the O&L Group. This is a relationship that should be cherished. This is bigger than just the donation of milk. This is commitment, dedication, love and passion. It is not just about milk, but about the principle of giving. O&L is not waiting for a better economic climate. This is the right time to give – a time that tests true ‘Namibianism’,” Lewin said.

The principal of the Moses Garoëb Project School, Flora Petrus said, “The support from the O&L Group is overwhelming and adds immeasurable value to the lives of our learners and teachers. Namibia Dairies in particular have supplied us with milk every year, ever since the group adopted the school and this is a day all the learners always look forward to. We are blessed and will forever be grateful to Namibia Dairies for what they mean to our school.”

Principal of the Monte Christo Project School, Elizabeth Murangi says the Group has brought hope and life to the school, and that Namibia Dairies just added even more to the hope that the group has invested in the school.

Nothing we do or say in gratefulness will ever match up to the value the O&L Group has added to the Monte Christo School. We are truly grateful and will forever regard O&L and its staff as family,” Murangi said.

While World Milk Day is celebrated every year by at least 35 countries in the world on 1 June, the month of June is aligned as World Milk Month and this year celebrates 17 years of existence.

Caption: Managing Director of Namibia Dairies, Gunther Ling enjoying a glass of milk with the kids.

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