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Inesfly Africa expands operations to Namibia

Inesfly Africa expands operations to Namibia

Ghanaian company, Inesfly Africa Limited entered into a distribution agreement last week with Sahara Commodities to a to begin commercial distribution of the Inesfly range of products in Namibia.

Sahara Commodities visited Inesfly Africa headquartered in Ghana, for a training session relating to technical and product knowledge and route-to-market strategies.

CEO at Inesfly Africa, Michael Sjodin, noted that the trade agreement with Sahara Commodities in Namibia is an important step towards enhancing business ties between the two nations, and, importantly, delivering on its commitment to fighting vector infestations in all of Africa.

Sahara Commodities CEO, Shahil Morar, said they are glad to be part of the Inesfly family noting that the license to distribute Inesfly’s range of insecticide products will not only empower the Namibian economy through job creation, but also address the negative impact of insect-pest infestation in the country.

Inesfly Africa as a total insecticide solutions company has a vision of reducing and ultimately eradicating vector infestations in multi-sectors including Public Health, Agriculture, Hospitality and Veterinary Health across Africa.

“We are already present in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, DR Congo and Cote D’Ivoire, with the goal to be present in 25 African countries by close of 2017”, Mortar explained.

“Namibia, like any other country, is not free from insect-pest infestation, and we’re very optimistic that Inesfly’s range of insecticide products will help address the nation’s quest in curbing vector-borne diseases,” Morar said.

The Namibian High Commissioner to Ghana, Charles Josob, on the occasion of Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary celebration, made a clarion call for Ghana and Namibia to strengthen bilateral trade ties for the economic and sustainable development of the two nations in March 2017, just two months following this call, Inesfly Africa and Sahara Commodities have taken a step in that direction and are set to partner for common gain.

Some of the products include the exterior and interior insecticide paint, floor cleaner, bed bug and EM House solution for treatment against all insects especially bed bugs.

Its flagship technology, the microencapsulation technology, traps the insecticides into micro bubbles which are then released slowly over an extended period of time thereby allowing for their long term efficacy while proving safe for humans and pets.

It also uses the Insect Growth Regulator, which allows for the insecticides to deal with the total life cycle of the insect including the egg, the larvae, the pupa and the adult. This prevents re-infestation and leads ultimately to eradication.

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