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The positive experiences that come from being faced with cancer

The positive experiences that come from being faced with cancer

Between 3400 and 4000 people are newly diagnosed with cancer annually, according to the Namibia National Cancer Registry and it is through this that the Cancer Association of Namibia, (CAN)in association with Sanlam, will launch their ‘25 Years of Hope’ project.

The project celebrates a quarter of a decade by which the two institutions have been working together to raise awareness about cancer prevention in Namibia and it will follow in the light of the Sanlam Cancer Golf Challenge turning 25 this year.

During the last quarter century, Sanlam has invested millions into initiatives aimed at preventing cancer, supporting research and assisting those that are afflicted by this disease in our country,” said Rolf Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of CAN.

We want to celebrate this partnership by sharing the stories of survivors and how together, we have inspired hope,” he added. Furthermore he said that CAN will host a variety of activities to narrate the stories of hope, especially via social media.

The journey of cancer is a treacherous one, it has emotional, financial and socially disruptive qualities that easily break the human spirit. By sharing the stories of patients with whom we have travelled this tricky road, we aim to encourage those sadly are embarking anew in a cancer fighting journey,” he said.

According to Wessel Kotze, coordinator of the Sanlam Cancer Golf Challenge in Namibia, the project wants to highlight the positive experiences that come from being faced with cancer.

Cancer is always a tough topic, and one seldom experiences it as ‘a good thing’ when you are faced with the illness head-on. That is why we want to tell the stories that will give hope to the sufferers and their families,” he said.


Caption: Martha Angolo, a breast cancer survivor, swings for golf against cancer, pictured with Wessel Kotze of Sanlam Namibia (standing) and Rolf Hansen of CAN.

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