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Be a patriot, join Team Namibia

Namibia’s main mobile network operator, MTC is calling on Namibian business entities to come on board and become members of Team Namibia.
MTC a founder member of Team Namibia, through its Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer Tim Ekandjo, says the association is busy with its re-vamp and revitalization process to allow for a more broader and expanded participation of Namibian companies. “The time is right for business entities to become new members of the association”, he noted.
Said Ekandjo, “We are excited that Team Namibia is repositioning themselves in terms of strategy and vision and as a founder member of this institution we are equally thrilled to be part of this exciting journey”. MTC by supporting team Namibia is sending a message that “we are serious about developing our country, we are serious about talking sustainable economy and creating jobs that will empower Namibians and we are simply not paying lip service to matters as important as these” he elaborated.
“There is a need for all companies operating to become members and create value for Team Namibia and its brand – the advantages are infinite – not only are we promoting and enhancing pride in Namibian-produced goods – but we are also advocating for economic growth – a noble idea we all subscribe to. We can only achieve that if we collectively as the brand Namibia work together through platforms such as Team Namibia.” he said.
Team Namibia’s formation was spearheaded by the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Namibia Manufacturers’ Association in 2003 – of which MTC was a founder sponsor. Team Namibia, an association not for gain, was establish with the sole commitment to market Namibian products and services nationally and internationally under one generic brand, create a preference for Namibian products and services globally as well as to develop the economy by growing a sustainable manufacturing, industrial and business sector and by garnering support for local products.
Concludes Ekandjo “Team Namibia, by its own every essence, is a passionate issue, one of the heart, for it stems from patriotism and a passion for country, flag, borders and currency, but also validates the need for Namibians to support local brands and services – which in turn appreciates our efforts of developing our country – as partners first, second as brand ambassadors and thirdly as Business Namibia collectively”.
MTC is also represented on the board of Team Namibia.

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