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Remember this Friday 30 June is tax deadline for individuals

Remember this Friday 30 June is tax deadline for individuals

This Friday 30 June 2017, is the deadline for individuals to submit their tax returns to the Directorate of Inland Revenue in the Ministry of Finance. The return must be accompanied by the tax certificate issued by the employer for the tax deducted on income, or so-called Pay As You Earn tax, PAYE.

Earlier in the week, the Operations Executive at Old Mutual, Mr Ben Jacobs remined all Old Mutual clients about the important tax deadline for individuals.

“By law it is important for working individuals that earn above the income bracket of N$50,000 annually to pay tax” stated.

“After every financial year ending in March, all tax payers are by law obliged according to the Income Tax Act 24 of 1981, to submit their tax forms within the following 4 months until end of June” he continued.

“Therefore, over the past three months, Old Mutual has pushed beyond boundaries to assist our customers to receive their relevant tax certificates on time, in order to submit tax certificates. Once more this is an illustration of how we operate as a responsible business towards our customers” he added.

Jacobs informed clients that they can ask Old Mutual to receive the certificats via email, or through the Old Mutual customer service centre or even through the Old Mutual online portal at

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