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Ready-made traditional meals in packet – a game changer

Ready-made traditional meals in packet – a game changer

For those who have a palate for traditional cuisines, African Deli a food manufacturer has brought to the market, a choice of the best traditionally inspired product that saves a considerable amount of time in preparation.

Africa Deli’s with its Dinolo,traditional beef tripe ‘Matangara’ in a packet, have identified a niche and unique gap in the market for cost effective, tasty traditional food solutions.

The food manufacturer last week invited the media for a tour of their N$70 million invested factory in Walvis Bay to witness the process of production, from start up to the finished product that customers can now buy from retail shops, like Spar, OK, Metro, Pick n Pay and the Shield Group.

According to Sylvanus ‘Bobboh’ Kathindi, Africa Deli founder and CEO, their flagship brand Dinolo is derived from the words Dijo (food) and Bonolo (made easy) in North Sotho vernacular.

Kathidi said the Dinolo products are African-focused both in taste and appearance, produced in the form of beef tripe in gravy or chili sauce with a superior shelf-life of 18 months.

“The product has no preservatives and MSG and do not need any refrigeration prior to opening. The product is produced in a convenient and modern microwavable packaging, just for you to heat-and-eat. Therefore, turning 5- hours into 5-minutes,” he explained during the tour.

According to Kathidi, all the ingredients are sourced from certified suppliers and after securely sealing them to retain all their flavors and aromas, they slowly cook them to perfection by using a combination of age-old traditional / cultural recipes, quality ingredients and state-of-the-art food technology.

Kathindi, said the company started its production in February and the core of the project, is directly tied to the heart beat of our National Development goals namely the “Growth at Home Strategy” and the “Harambee Prosperity Plan”.

Since inception the company has managed to champion the development of a new branded retail category in the form of ready-made traditional food as well as establish a fully-fledged, state-of-the-art, turn-key, value-add facility in Walvis Bay.

During the factory visit, Kathidi also had the opportunity to launch the “Dinolo Super Netball Tournament” which will start on 24 June in the Khomas Region.

The tournaments will be held in all 14 regions and the winner of each region will take part in the finals, which will take place in Swakopmund on 30 September.

“Through this initiative, we are bringing women together to have fun and at the same time allowing them and their supporters an opportunity to interact with us. Please come in numbers and support the teams participating in this tournament,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in terms of the market, he said that his company has adopted a staged market and product penetration plan and has opted to reach first the local market and thereafter others in the SADC region.

Caption: Sylvanus ‘Bobboh’ Kathindi, Africa Deli founder and CEO demonstrations how to prepare the product during a recent tour at the factory.


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