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Whose role is it to educate the public about art?

Whose role is it to educate the public about art?

The John Muafangejo Art Centre presents an exhibition on whose role is it to educate the public about art? Another pop in show of variety of works by young Namibian contemporary artists at the Omba exhibition gallery that runs until 30 June.

Following the first show that took place in March at the Katutura Community Art Centre and the one currently running at Omba Gallery, we present a moving collection of works with new artists on board.

The show presents works by artists are Julia Hango, Nambowa Malua, Ismael Shivute, Lok Kandjengo, Petrus Amuthenu, Elisia Nghidishange, John Kalunda, Homateni Ilovu, Tuli Mekondjo, Wilka Mumangeni, and Petrus Shiimi

This collection includes both old and new works ranging from prints, paintings, sculptures, photographs, mixed media that all respond to the notion of art in the public space and the education of it.

As an artist and curater himeself at the John Muafangejo Art Center (JMAC), Jacques Mushandja said that this ongoing display is in part a proactive effort to reflect on the role that JMAC has played in hosting artists over the years. “We are reflecting on our work, networking and collaboration which has been central to public education of and through the arts, he said.”

The John Muafangejo Art Centre is a creative think tank that is focused on establishing collaborative methodologies in contemporary art practice & forging expansive networks.

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