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More power to grid, as Karibib Solar plant launched

More power to grid, as Karibib Solar plant launched

Electricity Control Board CEO, Foibe Namene launched the Karibib 5MW solar pv plant in Erongo region last week.

“It is known that Namibia has substantial renewable energy resources with a huge potential to positively impact security of electricity. Supplying and expanding access to those with no modern energy a top priority in alleviating poverty and creating jobs,” she said.

The Renewable Energy Policy which is in the process of being approved by Cabinet highlights making renewable energy a vehicle for expanded access to affordable electricity and the acceleration
of renewable energy sector growth and enhancing value chains in the sector.

The solar plant is part of the Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff Programme (REFIT) which MetDecci Energy Investments, the engineering consultants for the Karibib plant took part in. Amongst other recommendations such as Net Metering for rooftop systems, the REFIT was identified as one of the procurement mechanisms for small scale renewable energy technologies.

As part of the study recommendations, the ECB commissioned projects such as the Karibib Plant to develop a REFIT regime for biomass, solar and wind for relatively small capacities below 5MW.

“The Interim REFIT Programme fits perfectly into the National Integrated Resource Plan (NIRP) which renewable energy is an important component of the Plan,” Namene said, adding that REFIT allows Renewable Energy Technology generating plants access, and to sell to the grid at a fixed price.

Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon. Kornelia Shilunga said that enabling greater participation of locals in the renewable energy Sector contributed by this plant to the national grid certainly, not only complements existing national efforts towards Namibia’s energy security, but also transforms the economic landscape of Karibib.

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