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Infinite sets eyes on becoming a household name in food supplies

Infinite sets eyes on becoming a household name in food supplies

Young entrepreneurs, Panduleni Nghipandulwa and Richard Namwaandi did not let the fact that they could not get jobs after graduation deter them from making their dreams come true.

Through sheer determination the two joined forces in 2016 and started their own company, Infinite Food Supplies.

According to the duo, Infinite is the perfect name for their company because they have a wide and ever growing range of products and services. The two believe that by tapping into various food markets, they are not only spreading their philosophy and quality across various spheres of the industry, but also are empowering more locals through job creation.

The company product range includes – A-Grade Free Range local beef, Lamb/Mutton, A-Grade Free local poultry, horse Mackerel Fish, Game Meat and imported South African Pork, which they supply for their different clientele across Windhoek.

“This company is 100% wholly owned by Namibians and the sustainability of the food market was indeed an attractive proposition, but at the same time we found a great deal of passion this industry,” they explained.

“We are continuously evaluating existing products in the marketplace, to improve our offerings to best suit our client’s business and by travelling the world, we have identified the best equipment and products to facilitate all levels of food processing and food service,” they added.

Nghipandulwa said the two are driven by the idea that human being have unlimited potential and as owners of the business and they also believe each individual has the potential to do great things and the has the power to make a difference in the world.

“Our underlying motive is to share the idea that if you believe in yourself than you can truly accomplish anything and this is more than just about the food, but to push Namibia forward through relevant and valuable commercial enterprise,” he added.

Namwaandi said that they do this mostly for their children and therefore as young parents they are mainly driven by the desire to provide four their families in general.

“One thing that we certainly want to change in Namibia is the trend of fatherless families, and we are working hard to give our children the best opportunities in life that they can have,” they emphasized.

Meanwhile, the partners said young entrepreneurs and the youth in general are in the midst of Namibia’s economic crisis and they should focus on becoming self-sufficient instead of soley relying on the government.

“If you truly believe in yourself then there is nothing that you can not accomplish in life, the world is in your hands, you have the power to change your life and become someone great,” they added.

In terms of future plans, the two would want to take Infinite to greater heights internationally. “We would like to export Namibian food products to the world and bring the best of what the world has to offer to the people, to become a world class organization, helping local products compete in international markets while simultaneously empowering the youth and giving back to the community,” they said.

“To secure a stable future for all those connected with Infinite Food Supplies, we have set the long term vision of becoming a household name in food supplies, catering for hospitality and tourism, medical, educational and international industries and in the long term, our goal is to control 80% of these markets,” they concluded.

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