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Team Namibia moves to management consultant for cost-effective, credible future

Team Namibia moves to management consultant for cost-effective, credible future

Team Namibia now runs under the very capable guidance of Construction Industries Federation stallwart, Bärbel Kirchner. The Not-for-Gain Association said this week, a cost effective, yet viable solution had to be found to ensure consistency in management, active implementation of strategy, and the aggressive promotion of Namibian products.

An agreement was reached with Global Progressive Synergy CC, the company founded and operated by Kirchner. Through her company, she will provide management services, and act as a link between Team Namibia’s members and the association’s board members.

Pieter Greeff, chairperson of Team Namibia said: “we are delighted to see the new drive and energy, and to have found a cost-effective solution by appointing Global Progressive Synergy to manage our organisation. This will ensure continuity but also allow us to tap into very useful international marketing expertise”.

Kirchner will initially have hands-on involvement as part-time account director of Team Namibia. To further ensure continuity, Global Progressive Synergy has appointed the three staff members previously employed by Team Namibia.

Kircher completed eight years of tertiary education in South Africa, Germany and the UK. This includes a Bachelor’s degree with Psychology as a major, a Master’s degree in Marketing Management, and a Master’s in Public Administration. She is trained as a personal and business coach.

For over 10 years she worked for the Government of Dubai, driving the tiny state’s tourism and commerce through effective public relations and marketing initiatives. As the Director of Dubai’s overseas representative office in London between 2002 and 2007, she was responsible for developing and implementing the marketing strategy of the world-renowned brand, Dubai, in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“We are very excited about the enormous potential of Team Namibia to encourage the consumption of local products and services to make a positive impact on our economy. We are committed to make a difference. This is particularly important during the current economic times” said Kirchner.

“Together, our future is brighter is the slogan of Team Namibia. The slogan of Global Progressive Synergy is Together, just be smarter! The thinking is thus very much aligned. We want everybody to realise how important it is for all of us to buy local products and services” she added.

Team Namibia also announced that it has moved to new offices at the corner of Stein and Schwabe Street in Klein Windhoek. The office is open to the public from 08:00 to 13:00 Mondays to Fridays.
Team Namibia can be reached on Tel. 061 417410 or via e-mail at [email protected].

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