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Best Hartebeestloop Bonsmara bull fetches N$210,000

Best Hartebeestloop Bonsmara bull fetches N$210,000

Agra’s ability to organise bumper stud auctions was proven again last week when a record crowd attended the 10th Hartebeestloop farmer’s day and Bonsmara auction of Dr Joggie Briedenhan in the Stampriet district.

Thirty three prized Bonsmara bulls came under the hammer for an average price of N$67,778. The most expensive bull went for a staggering N$210,000 while the two best cows each fetched N$25,000. Some 12 cows achieved an average price of N$23,333 while 14 cows with calves sold for N$17,000 average and 134 heifers were sold for N$12,295 average.

During the information day, mega-farmer Mecki Schneider spelled out the challenges faced by farmers and offered solutions to address the challenges of decreasing profitability. In addition to his sage advice, Mecki also stressed the importance of a positive attitude. “Take stock to asses risks, identify the weakest links, plan carefully and exercise control to improve efficiency” he advised.

He also encouraged farmers to ensure that they understand all the facets of their farming enterprise, have a strategic plan, use technology and build up resilience in the good times to be prepared for the challenging times. “Attitude, talent and knowledge more than capital, are the critical factors to overcome challenging times”, he said.

Ryno van der Merwe, president of the Namibia Agricultural Union reminded the farmer audience of the role that organised agriculture plays to assist farmers to farm successfully despite all the challenges.

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