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Ausiku pedals away at Tourism Expo on his own brand-new Fat-e electric bicycle

Ausiku pedals away at Tourism Expo on his own brand-new Fat-e electric bicycle

Melkies Ausiku of Windhoek is the proud new owner of a Fat-e, and electric bicycle with fat tyres to make it easy to ride in sand and over loose surface. Melkies won the bicycle in a lucky draw by SunCycles at last week’s Tourism Expo. All he had to do was to be prepared to pay fifty bucks for a test ride.

Melkies is an amateur cyclist who has already given the harsh Desert Dash a go. He will use his new e-bike to expand his cycling horizon, taking it to areas where conventional mountainbike find it hard to stay upright.

The e-bike test ride and give-away was a promotion of SunCycles to introduce the novelty of a fat bike, assisted by a small electric motor and a rechargeable battery, to outdoor cyclists who want to take their adventure rides even closer to nature.

“It’s fitted with a less powerful motor than our usual fatbike – perfect for adventurers who don’t need as much additional support” said SunCycles adding that this particular Fat-e was “looking for an adventurer to take it on an incredibly journey.”

The e-bike is like a normal bicycle, but assisted by a battery-driven electric motor to give the rider plenty of extra support for going uphill, through loose sand or to cover longer distances, without the usual exhaustion.

Electric bicycle batteries can be recharged by the sun. Solar recharge systems provide energy in all sunny regions to keep e-bikes going strong and wallets happy. Batteries can also be charged via conventional mains electricity.”

SunCycles Namibia is a social enterprise that specialises in e-mobility and solar recharge systems with the aim to mobilise Namibians, one solar e-bike at a time.

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