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Fraudsters target financial service provider’s clientèle

Fraudsters target financial service provider’s clientèle

Old Mutual Namibia warned individuals of a fraudulent scam circulating via letters, urging potential clients to email their IDs, payslips and bank statements to show their interest in the offers made.

Numerous fraudulent letters and loan application forms have surfaced within the past few weeks and as a result, Old Mutual Manager: Transformation and Communications, Ilke Akwenye said this week that it is of highest importance to ensure that all clients are aware of these attempts to swindle people out of their money.

Akwenye urged all Old Mutual Namibia clients to be a step ahead at all times regarding financial scams.

“First and foremost, we are Old Mutual Namibia and any other name used might be a scam.” Secondly, she said, “should you be offered business, car and home loans -be informed that this is by no means a facility offered by Old Mutual. Carefully scrutinize the contact details utilised,” she added.

According to Akwenye all applications for Old Mutual Namibia services should be received from Namibian numbers and false email addresses can also be very useful in identifying a fraudulent source.

“Old Mutuals’ email addresses are of the following format; [email protected], anything other than this should get you concerned,” she said.

Furthermore she said the public should always be vigilant and go the extra mile to protect personal details and documentation.

“Instead, contact our Client Service Center immediately at 061 299 3003 . Old Mutual offices are countrywide and easily accessible for such tip-offs to be made by the public. Old Mutual provides a tip off line whereby the public is urged to utilize the number 0800 222 117,” she added.

Akwenye urged the public to report any suspicious activities to Old Mutual Namibia as soon as possible. “We urge the public to always be aware of such scams and be cautious not to fall prey to such individuals,” she said.

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