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Spreading Albinism awareness through song

Spreading Albinism awareness through song

In continued efforts to highlight the needs of Albinism sufferers in the country Namibia, the Support in Namibia of Albinism Sufferers Requiring Assistance (SINASRA) said that a song will be released in the coming weeks.

According to SINARA, famous singer Dolar Yves together with Chris Winsemius have written a song for children that will spread a positive message. The choir from the Michelle McLean Primary School in Windhoek together with Dolar Yves will perform the song, which will be recorded with the help of Namibia Music.

Other people involved in the project include Miss Helvi Wheeler, who will assist. The song is set to be accompanied by a videoclip, shot right here in Windhoek and former Miss World, Mrs. Michelle McLean-Bailey will make the introduction in the video.

“All of these people are selflessly giving their time, talent and resources to make this song and music video a reality,” the organization said in a statement.

The hope of SINASRA is that this song will be played and resonate in all the classrooms Namibia and that children will sing it at home and walking to school, as a reminder to treat one another with dignity and respect.

According to the organisation, the two most special individuals involved in this project are Hope and Ndeshi. “They are the driving force behind the song and will be coming to Namibia to spread the message of tolerance and educating Namibians about albinism. Right now they are honing their talents in the Netherlands,” they said.

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