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Statement on unlawful suspension of UNAM students representative council

Statement on unlawful suspension of UNAM students representative council

By Dimbulukeni Nauyoma
SG Namibian National Students Organisation

The Namibian National Students Organisation (NANSO), is a mass based movement of learners and students established on the principles of social justice and student activism. The primary mandate is to represent our student populace against any injustices that may be inflicted on them.

It is with great shock that we have learned that the University of Namibia (UNAM) under the leadership of pensioner Lazarus Hangula, have decided to request student leaders (SRC) to show cause as to why they should not be Suspended/ bared from students of the University. The UNAM Management comprises of former student leaders that participated in various acts of student activism, others have been passive in their nature.

We note this continuous efforts to suppress the contrary view presented by these student leaders since their oath of office. SRC have a mandate to deliver on the students welfare, they are empowered to take
decisions on behalf of student populace in their best interest.

This country cannot afford to have a weak student leadership, we cannot have a non-militant student
leadership that is in bed with management and suppresses the rights of the students.

The SRC’s where executing a council resolution as per their mandate, no one apart from those that elected them (except the University council) can remove them.

It should be noted that these barbaric actions against the SRC is a war against NANSO and its membership, NANSO shall retaliate Politically and Legally should the University continue with their beauty pageant of illegal actions.

We should inform you that this is not a popularity contest, we will hold you liable for any damages caused by these students, we cannot allow your personal driven agenda’s to hamper on their academic progression.

NANSO’s lawyers have engaged the affected Student Leaders and have since responded to the illegal actions of the University. The affected leaders reserve their rights to approach a court of competent jurisdiction by Friday the 02nd of June 2017 if the actions of the University are not retracted.

Finally, we are aware of irregularities at UNAM including that of the new system which was acquired. We have contacted the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate on this and many other matters concerning the University.

We should inform you that NANSO has received concerns from Student Leaders questioning the compus mentis of the Vice Chancellor, and whether he is rightfully leading the University or is “captured” by a certain faction. We trust that that is not the case.

We say Shame on you for chasing the SRC President out in the cold as if he is a dog. We demand JUSTICE, for our FIGHT IS GENUINE.

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