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Dance production to showcase history, values and identity

Dance production to showcase history, values and identity

Creative director, Nikitha Winkler, will showcase her production ‘Street Style Stories’ on 3 June at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) at 19:00. The dance production is a journey of 9 dancers who come together from different backgrounds and dance in a freestyle session.

This year’s production is a dance and fashion collaboration with local designer, Ndapcee, who brings through provoking print and high fashion designs to the stage.

Winkler describes dance as an empowering tool that could be used to develop an understanding of one’s history, values and identity. “Street Style is a process that takes place when we are having conversations in spaces that feel safe, when we develop trust and confidence to speak out and share,” she added.

She said the audience can expect to see dances in the light of genuine expression that show that art is important as an outlet of experiences both good and bad. “One of the dancers recently said that his drug is dance and I can support that kind of addiction, because it is harmless,” she emphasised.

“A language of it’s own that communicates style in the light of personality, but also speaks of social conformity and it is more than a production but a place where I am truly able to express myself through what I love most, dancing,” explained Wilson Windwaai one of the dancers in the production.

Meawhile, Winkler’s production received N$45 000 from FNB Namibia.

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