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Audit firm takes on alien invasive cactus

Audit firm takes on alien invasive cactus

Once a year, the international auditing firm of Deloitte, in whichever country they operate, have an “Impact day” when the firm gives back to the community.

The focus is on either education or the environment and for the past three years Deloitte Windhoek have focused on education, but this year decided that the environment needed some attention.

Botanical Society of Namibia’s, Diana Thompson said contact was made with the society and the Cactus Clean-up group of Mrs Gunhild Voigts.

“After discussions, the problem of the alien, invasive cactus in the environs of Windhoek would be the project for this year,” she said.

According to Thompson, arrangements were made and the full complement of staff arrived at the designated area of the Aloe Trail, between the ice cream cone and the larger reservoirs, on 19 May.

“After an introductory talk and guidelines on how to tackle the cactus, the staff, in their Deloitte T-shirts set to work and began their task. Some people dug out the cactus, some carried it in boxes and wheelbarrows and some cleared up the small bits and pieces lying around,” she added.

Thompson said the staff, old and young, men and women, worked from 09h00 until 15h00 with a short break for lunch.

“Only by working with the invasive cacti, can the extent of the problem be realised and it is hoped that other groups might follow this stirling example,” she concluded.

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