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Ownership of Sonnleiten retirement village taken over by its residents

Ownership of Sonnleiten retirement village taken over by its residents

Sonnleiten, the retirement village on Farm Ondekaremba close to Hosea Kutako International Airport, is now owned by its residents.

On Monday this week, the former owner Joachim Rust, officially handed the complex to its management committee representing the residents of Sonnleiten. This means that the residents now have full management control and they are responsible for the further development of the village.

Sonnleiten comprises 39 apartments and 14 houses, an extensive garden with walkways between all the dwellings and the amenities, rudimentary roads, a swimming pool, a restaurant and a special care unit for the infirm. There are also several recreational spots on the farmland in the immediate vicinity of the village.

In addition, services are offered for house cleaning and attending to both the individual and the common gardens. Situated in the contryside and yet close to Windhoek, Sonnleiten is ideal for pensioners who are looking for tranquillity but who still need to be relatively near the city.
Its location also guarantees quick access to more specialised medical care.

The Rust family will now focus on their tourism and agricultural enterprises. They operate the Ondekaremba Lodge and Campsite next to Sonnleiten as well as the private nature reserve Waterberg Wilderness at the Waterberg and Ghaub Nature Reserve on a farm in the Otavi mountains.

The property surrounding Sonnleiten, Farm Ondekaremba is also the original farm on which Hosea Kutako International Airport is located. The very first Boeing 737 operated by Air Namibia was called Ondekaremba to honour the historic link between civil aviation and Farm Ondekaremba.

In the picture is the previous owner, Joachim Rust (left) together with the Sonnleiten management committee, Hannes von Holtz, Herbert Corzilius, Ute Bräunig, Franzpeter Ackermann and Dieter Burmann. (Photograph by Farm Residence Sonnleiten)

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