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Grand Prix chess series continues this weekend at UNAM in Windhoek

Grand Prix chess series continues this weekend at UNAM in Windhoek

The popularity of chess as a recreational and intellectual activity is exploding. The second leg of the Grand Prix Series takes place this weekend at UNAM’s main campus in Windhoek while both the Oshana Open Championship and the Walvis Bay Open Championship were played over the previous weekend.

For the upcoming Grand Prix matches, Raphael Nyakansaila is in the lead with 12 points followed by Jossy Uapinge with 10 points and Justin Samalesu with 8. Other noted players are Clarence Campbell, Kevin Gurirab, Leonhard Tjirare, Mubasen Hochobeb, Pius Tuzembo, Manfredo Gaoseb and Brenden Gaoseb.

At the previous weekend’s Oshana Open, former Junior Champion Toivo Nangula took the first spot followed by Frans Dennis and Michael Dumbura.

Maranatha Shadipeni took home two prizes for Best Woman and Best Youth Girl while Heskiel Ndahangwapo won the Best Youth Boy prize. In the Cadet Section, which is reserved for Under 12 players, Elvin Shikulo and and Elao-Letu Hamukonda won the boys’ and girls’ sections, respectively.

Last weekend, the third edition of the Walvis Bay Open was held at the Multi-Purpose Centre. Namibia’s top-rated local player Candidate Master Charles Eichab scored 5 wins and 2 draws, finishing with 6 points, ahead of Tawanda Kawani and Raphael Nyakansaila.

Erastus Somaeb’s 4 points made him the Best Local Player while Samara Stiege took the Best Woman prize. Tristan Riedel and Liam Blaauw both scored 2.5 points after drawing their head-to-head encounter in the final game. The former was, however, crowned Best Cadet as he had a better Progressive Score.

Pictured are the players at the Oshana Open Championship. In the front row from the left are Maranatha Shadipeni, Elvin Shikulo and Elao-Letu Hamukoto. In the back row areToivo Nangula, Dennis Frans, Michael Dumbura, Heskiel Ndahangwapo and Otto Nakapunda, the President of the Namibian Chess Federation.

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