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Master brewer entertains media drinkers

Castle Brewing Namibia (CBN) hosted its annual Media Beer Tasting aboard the Desert Express earlier this month. It is a corporate social event by world-class brewer, SAB Miller, through its local subsidiary, Castle Brewing Namibia, to establish and grow relationships with the Namibian media.
The evening was well attended by senior members of the Namibian media fraternity who did a round trip from Windhoek Station to Okapuka Game Ranch.
In his welcoming address, Cobus Bruwer (Managing Director of CBN) stated that it would be difficult for Castle Brewing to conduct its business without the positive and re-inforcing energy that is experienced when dealing with the Namibian media, and that the Beer Tasting was a great opportunity to maintain and build this positive relationship through the fun-and-friendship attribute that is synonymous with beer culture.
The theme of this year’s Media Beer Tasting was a “Beer Tasting Master Class Aboard the Desert Express”, with an expert contribution from Denis da Silva, Master Brewer from the SAB brewery in Newlands. Guests were encouraged to go on a sensory journey with a beer and cheese pairing, where Castle Lager, Castle Lite, Carling Black Label, Peroni, and Castle Milk Stout were each paired with a complementary sample of cheese.
Upon arrival at Okapuka, guests were taken on a game drive before completing the journey to Windhoek.

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