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MTC praises 4G technology

Since implementing its new 4G LTE technology in mid-May, MTC says it is impressed with the overwhelming migration of its high post-paid customers who significantly use notable data processed by the network.
MTC launched its new 4G LTE technology three months ago, and already has more than 1000 post-paid subscribers enjoying the experience, says Tim Ekandjo, Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer at MTC.
“We are surprised by the huge number of up take in such a short space of time and our customers have given us very positive feedback on the incredible speeds they now enjoy,” he said.
According to Ekandjo, since 4G was launched, it is now processing 23% of the total data usage on the entire MTC network, a situation he describes as a magnificent relief to the 3G and 2G networks. “It also shows the capacity we have on 4G and of course its huge acceptance as a preferred network by customers who have experienced it.”
Customers on the 4G platform are now producing more than 1.6 Gigabytes per day, comparatively equal to 1000 HD Movies, or to 300,000 music files or 750,000 e-mail’s with attachments of 2Megabytes.
Ekandjo says it took the 3G Network almost four years to achieve the same usage.
“We would like to thank all our customers for having successfully evolved to the 4G network and thank them for all the positive feedback and we will continue to provide only world class services, we are the second to launch 4G LTE in Africa connecting through a national DWDM40G fibre, which provides a tremendous fast internet access not only to 4G but also to 3G, with a wide redundancy through South Africa connected to other submarine cables, in the best interest of our customers,” Ekandjo concluded.

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