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Anti-coke solidarity

Dear Editor
I hereby would like to echo and support the views regarding the matter around the advert titled; I Love You Africa as expressed by Steven Mvula in the Economist of 10 August 2012. He has hit the nail on the head.
I am a regular Coca Cola drinker, however I find it repulsive that Coca Cola have abused the innocence of African children to sing a song reflecting mockery and humiliation of the Africans’ intelligence, self-pride and dignity. Furthermore it is incomprehensible that an African adult allows himself to be manipulated by a multinational company to utter words which, to my mind, are degrading to say the least.
I know that NBC needs an income and that advert is one way but there are limits to everything.
I hope and pray that these type of adverts see an eternal end.
Dr S.N.Amadhila

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