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Brave Warriors ropes in Biokineticist to add value to squad

Brave Warriors  ropes in Biokineticist to add value to squad

The Brave Warriors have lured in Biokineticist, Charl Botha to accelerate the fitness and overall readiness of the players ahead of the football schedule that starts in June.

Charl Botha, a Biokineticist and specialises in exercise and movement and evaluates the physical health of a person and tries to assist in improving their physical condition through exercise techniques and other activities that improve physical condition.

Having worked in the Biotech industry for six years, Botha is optimistic things will improve for the Brave Warriors ahead of their international assignments.

“Through some training techniques used during training, the players are at a high probability of injury, due to substantial loading. This comes off as a challenge and we try to avoid by engaging in dynamic warm ups as well as strengthening and neuro muscular training, which helps awaken the players’ neuro muscles.

Botha further explained that “This type of training is a big mental shift for them so it is too early to tell whether it is working or not, but otherwise they are showing positive shift.”

Warriors coach Ricardo Mannetti said that the addition of Botha to the team was important for the technical team to concentrate on the tactical part of training.

“He joins us three times a week and he is adding value. He knows a lot in terms of player conditioning, muscle building and strengthening and that can help to bring our players to the competitive level we require”, Mannetti said.

Mannetti added that the Warriors are behind schedule with about a year and the first month of April was all about working on the conditioning and diet of the players and “May is the month we work and work hard. I have kept all the last players of the training squad I had and we need to still work with them and only later, hopefully after two weeks can we finalise some squad ready to compete”.

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