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Leading outdoor billboards shoot bright diamond arrows

Leading outdoor billboards shoot bright diamond arrows

Primedia Outdoor, the company with more than 4300 displays across eleven southern Africa countries, recently received a Diamond Arrow award from, for their performance in the Namibian market.

Primedia Outdoor, headquartered in Windhoek, covers Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Managing Director Eduard Mouton welcomed the award as an affirmation of the Namibian team’s ongoing excellence and dedication to their clients, saying “We are delighted by this recognition of Primedia Outdoor’s effort and ability in the Namibian Market.” Locally, the company trade as Primedia Out of Home Namibia.

Primedia Outdoor is one of the leading outdoor advertising media specialists operating in Sub-Sahara Africa, with over 2980 billboards in South Africa and 4373 faces located in 11 other countries across the continent.

The Diamond Arrow is awarded following a peer and client survey that evaluates customer service, satisfaction, brand value and perception. To win the Diamond Arrow, the company must be ranked first overall and have earned a rating of at least 4,10 out of 5,00. is a division of C.J. Hattingh & Sons, a consultancy and research company based in South Africa. Through the awards, seeks to “acknowledge contributions and initiatives, strategies, effort and hard work,” as well as “a company’s vision, integrity, values, competence and ‘empathy’ that contributes to ethical and sustainable business practices.”

According to, “The awards are always the end result of a research process whereby companies, departments, institutions and individuals are nominated and rated by respondents against specific attributes or criteria… A company, department, institution and individual cannot “enter” the research process but must always be nominated and rated by the respondents.”

Primedia Outdoor said it offers exposure across a mix of media types, including high end digital signs, airport advertising, freeway and suburban spectaculars and street furniture, as well as static advertising and video walls in malls.

The company’s portfolio expanded significantly in December 2014 with acquisitions in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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