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Best estate agents off to Vietnam courtesy of sponsoring bank

Best estate agents off to Vietnam courtesy of sponsoring bank

Danny Isaacs (right) is the new FNB Estate Agent of the Year. Congratulating him on this major achievement is the Head of FNB home loans, Brian Katjaerua.

In second place is Lona van Wyk and third is Andreya Pereira. All three are going on a all expenses paid trip to Vietnam later this year, to celebrate their contribution to the bank’s loan book, and by implication to its balance sheet. Isaacs’ sales brought in N$24 million in new business for FNB.

Chief Executive Sarel van Zyl commented at the awards ceremony “The real estate industry is a big business, generating billions of dollars in revenue annually, and even though these are very difficult economic times, there are ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to turn a profit.”

“Real estate is a cyclical industry, reacting to macroeconomic trends such as interest rates, population growth, and economic strength. All these factors can make it difficult to do business and to stay motivated when the economic tide turns. However, despite what is happening with the greater economy and real estate prices in general, the real estate industry offers diverse opportunities for the entrepreneur, including some hedges against these trends” the sage advised.

Van Zyl thanked all the estate agents and the conveyancers sho attended the awards evening, stating his wish that the partnership between FNB and them would remain a lasting one. ”We value the fact that you are demonstrating a clear commitment to play an active role in the development of Namibia, particularly in the property industry” he said.

Katjaerua also acknowledged the contribution of estate agents to the bank’s loan book, saying that 60% of their annual home loan business is brought in by estate agents.

“We believe that this event is important because recognition ensures positivity, innovation and suitable partnerships. While we didn’t do well this year, we came up with a different strategy and wanted to remember and celebrate the great that is within each of you – and we were excited to breathe new life into this Gala Dinner, and to reward each of you for your consistent and outstanding work and friendship despite difficult times” said Katjaerua.

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